Don’t Worry, Retire Happy

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Don’t Worry, Retire Happy

A Classroom Course, Using 7 Simple Steps to Create a Retirement Income Plan

Among your most critical financial planning decisions is the decision on how to generate income from your retirement portfolio. That income needs to last you a lifetime, yet surveys show that many people struggle with the difficult task of generating lifetime retirement income. Many retirees just withdraw what they need from their retirement savings without considering the impact this might have on ensuring their portfolio will last as long as they live.

This course is designed to help you understand the elements necessary in creating a retirement income plan by going through 7 simple steps. Each step is designed to educate you on perceived and real retirement risks, the options you have for addressing your retirement income needs and potential solutions in the form of case studies.



Retirement University
Education Building
123 Main Street
City, State 12345



Monday, December 7th
4:45 pm – 6:15 pm
Course Code: COURSECODE1234


Course Outline

Step One: Dealing with the 8 Retirement Unknowns

  • When’s the Right Time to Retire?
  • How Much Income Do I Need When Every Day is Saturday?
  • Happy 100th!
  • Beware of Bears!
  • Expect the Unexpected
  • Inflation Doesn’t Retire When You Do
  • Keeping it Together and Making Your Desires Known
  • Nothing is Certain Except….Taxes!

Step Two: Create your own retirement bucket list

  • You need to know what your retirement looks like so you can budget for your lifestyle

Step Three: More Life for Your Money

  • Ground rules for a retirement planning process
  • Asset allocation in retirement
  • Case Studies

Step Four: Distribution Options – Choose Wisely

  • Required Distributions from IRAs
  • Liquidation Rate
  • Roth IRAs
  • Age Related Issues

Step Five: Leaving a Legacy with Retirement Plans

  • Inherited IRAs
  • IRAs payable to trusts

Step Six: How to Bullet Proof Your Retirement Plan Assets From Creditors

  • Retirement plans and creditor protection
  • Retirement and estate planning

Step Seven: Procrastinate not! The time is now

  • The time is now



Tuition is $18. Spouses may attend at no cost. An additional workbook for your spouse/guest may be purchased for $6.


To Register

Call (800) 123-4567


Course Participation

Created in partnership with Tom Hegna, an economist, author and retirement expert, this course is based on Tom’s PBS Special, and his best-selling book by the same name, Don’t Worry, Retire Happy!

This two-hour class will help students understand how to fill the income gap with “Paychecks,” and give them “Playchecks” to enjoy retirement the way it was meant to be! We will cover key topics that most financial professionals never cover. After completing this class, you will have the tools to put a plan into place that not only meets your basic income needs, but gives you the freedom to enjoy a “Happy Retirement.”

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Don't Worry, Retire Happy