Retirement Tax Cut – Dinner & Tax Seminar

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Retirement Tax Cut

A complimentary Dinner & educational Seminar, designed to help you understand Taxation options during Retirement

Please join us for an educational dinner and seminar. This is more than a fabulous dinner, it’s a TRUE Retirement Income Tax course. You can learn how to protect your family’s retirement assets that you worked hard to accumulate and learn how to take advantage of the tools that Congress has already given you! The seminar is informational and educational only. The information presented represents our understanding of the generally applicable rules.

By the way, those rules do change from time to time. You’re going to want to seek out and work with a professional advisor that’s qualified to help you understand taxation options during retirement. In my particular case, I am that advisor. I want you to understand that if you decide to get some help, and there’s no reason in the world why you would pay taxes or choose to pay taxes that you no longer have to pay, just know that I am able to assist you with your decisions. We have deep relationships with people that can make sure the t’s are crossed, make sure the i’s are dotted, and make sure that your tax return is done correctly.



Retirement Restaurant
Lounge & Bar
123 Main Street
City, State 12345


Dinner Included

Thursday Evening
September 10th
Event start at 6:30 pm



LEARN – to start using your Tax Dollars to:

  • BUILD – a Tax-free Inheritance for your Grandkids
  • SUPPORT – your Church or Favorite Charity
  • OBTAIN – Long Term Care Insurance
  • HOW – to Retire Early and Pay No Penalties


The Retirement Income Tax Savings Event of the Year!


• Joe and Mary save more than $504,000.00 in Income Taxes on their IRA during their Retirement
• Tom and Sue save more than $262,500.00 in Income Taxes on their Social Security
• John and Lori more than double their tax-free income in just 5 years
• Exactly how much your TEMPORARY 401k tax deductions will actually cost you in the future
• Inflation + higher taxes + a repeat of 2008 devour a normal Retirement Plan


• You will learn HOW to make small changes NOW that will dramatically change your 2017 tax bill

• HOW to avoid paying more taxes on the money you are withdrawing to pay taxes

• HOW the single most important part of Social Security is not WHEN you start benefits

• HOW to use the tools that congress has already given you


You Will Leave the Seminar knowing:

  • WHY – your IRA taxes will get higher and higher
  • WHY – you will shortly be losing many of your most important tax deductions
  • WHAT – you can do to prevent it



You are encouraged to bring your spouse or friend. No admission without a reservation. The dinner and seminar are complimentary and require no purchase or commitment of any kind.



Over the Phone
Please call: (888) 123-4567

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Retirement Tax Cut - Dinner & Tax Seminar